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July 08, 2015

I have had a go at eBay, I promise. However, I simply did not enjoy using or selling on the site. I disliked the fees, it was complicated, there was an age limit (ugh) and for me it generally sucked. I love selling online, I make the majority of my money by selling locally over Facebook however I wanted to extend my audience and sell elsewhere. I have long been a fan of blogger and Youtuber Inthefrow (Victoria) and I knew that she sells her unwanted belongings over somewhere called Depop. Curious, I decided to give it a search and found it for free on the app store. -Click-. I'm in love.

 Depop is an online platform for people to easily sell, swap and buy. I have only been using it for a couple of months now however I use it every day and I have bought the majority of my wardrobe over it, I literally love Depop. Whilst you do get the few 'sellers' who ruin the app, as you do on any social website, the majority of users can earn some cash or get new items incredibly easily. All you have to do is upload and communicate. I personally prefer to swap over buy, this way, you're not only getting rid of unwanted clothes, but you can get items you actually want for as much as £2.80 (postage fees). I have gotten my Joni and Leigh Topshop jeans, a few Topshop shirts and some River Island clothes for very little by swapping. However, if you are going to swap, the best thing to do is to consider these rules (to stay safe from scammers):

- ALWAYS check reviews. If a user has bad or no reviews, it's probably not the best idea to swap with them. This is because although they may just be new or genuine, they might also not have any reviews for a reason. Bad reviews are an even worse sign, this means they have proved themselves to not be genuine swappers, stay clear of these users or you might end up giving away your items for free!
- ALWAYS do a 1p listing. A 1p listing is when you pay 1p so you can leave a review for the person you are swapping with. Genuine swappers usually offer to do this so that they know YOU are genuine and so that others can see if you're a good person to swap with. For example, people are much more likely to swap/buy if you have good swap reviews. 1p listings are also useful for when you do happen to get scammed, you can let others know they aren't genuine. If a swapper says they won't do a 1p listing, it's best not to swap at all. If they can't afford 1p, how can they afford postage?
- ALWAYS make sure the swap is fair. It would not be fair on them or you if your item is worth £60 and the item they want to swap for it is £5 and vice versa. Make sure the value is close or the same. For example, don't swap a MAC lipstick for a pair of Primark earrings. I'm sure you can see why.
You can also find very cheap deals on Depop. If you're buying, consider the rules above as well. I have bought Joni jeans for £10 over Depop! Never be turned away by the thought of second hand clothing, believe me you can get second hand that is just as good as new clothes (and saves you a lot more money!). If you are going to buy, also consider these extra rules for buying over Depop:

- NEVER (unless you're certain) spend more than £50. I am very cautious when spending a lot of money over Depop. Because it is so easy for people to scam, it's best to make sure you're not at risk of losing a lot of your hard earned cash. Unless someone has excellent reviews and has been proven to not scam for similarly priced items, it's best not to.
- NEVER pay over Paypal friends and family (F&F) or bank transfer. Be extremely cautious when paying through F&F, again, make sure you're certain you're not being scammed. If you pay through F&F, you're not covered and Paypal WILL NOT help you get your money back if things go haywire. Pay through goods and services or through Depop directly, by doing this, if you are scammed and never receive your item, you will be refunded and be sure of getting your money back. Sellers tend to ask people to pay through F&F as Depop and Goods and Services has a fee, however it's not worth losing your money. I try not to pay through F&F unless they have proven they're genuine.

Hopefully now you know the rules, you can become a Depop pro! Download the app for free from the App store or on android and start selling/buying/swapping! If you want you can give me a follow @caliesi. I swap and sell! :) Enjoy

http://www.depop.com/en-gb/  - DEPOP WEBSITE
http://www.depop.com/en-gb/caliesi  - MY DEPOP


  1. Hi! I am new to depop, only been using it for a week now! I am from Greece but I would like to sell to other European countries as well, since there are no many Greeks using it. Could you explain a little more how 1p listing works? I've seen many posts from lots of people so far, mentioning it but I don't really understand it. So let's say I want to sell a pair of shoes to a specific person in the UK, do I need to do 1p listing first? Thanks in advance! Elektra (my depop: http://www.depop.com/en/elektrapapadopoulou )

    1. Hey, sorry for the late reply. I'm only just getting back on here haha :) Depop has no stopped people from being able to list anything as under £1/$1 to prevent 1p listings. But before they were so that swappers could still leave reviews for each other. 1p listings are only for when payment is made out of Depop or when someone is swapping, if you're simply selling then just list it as the price you want it to be :) I hope this helps! x


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