5 Places I Want to Visit Before I'm 30

October 21, 2016

Even though I have only been on this earth for (nearly) 19 years, I have been blessed enough to have travelled the world as my mum had to travel a lot for work. We were also lucky to be able to go on holidays every year, often long-haul. I've been to places in Europe, Asia, Australasia (is that it's official name?) and North America. I'm yet to visit South America and also Antarctica however I feel the latter won't be happening any time soon!

My true love is of course, New York. However this list is for the places I would love to visit in the next 11 years of my lifetime :) :

1. Angel Falls, Venezuela
Personally, I am more of a cold-country fan than a hot-country fan, however something I have in common with my mum is a love of waterfalls. I have seen many but the most iconic is probably Niagara Falls however I was quite young at the time. I remember researching the film 'Up' and I found out that the waterfall in the film is based on the worlds highest waterfall, Angel Falls, in Venezuela. I would love to have the opportunity to visit this waterfall simply so I can appreciate the beauty of it. I can imagine it's taller than I am even thinking, and the fact the world can produce such intricate and spectacular sights is just amazing to me, so I would love to see this waterfall and of course what Venezuela also has to offer!

2. Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)
I am actually visiting this wonderful city this February which I am so so excited about. I've wanted to visit Barcelona for years however with myself being the only 'arty' person in the family it hasn't really appealed much to the others. I love cities so much, more than anything but I'd kind of like the chance to have a small beach break so really Barcelona is the best of both worlds! I am going with my boyfriend and neither of us have been before, so hopefully it lives up to its expectations but I have no doubt it will! (If you have been, be sure to let me know what the best things to do/see are)

3. Miami, USA
I love America. Like it's my favourite country and I would love to explore every inch of it however I reckon there's more inches than seconds I have in my lifetime! I have been to a few of the major American cities (San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York City, Los Angeles..) however never to Miami. I love again the feeling of a beach-city and with everything I've heard it is definitely a place I'd love to visit.

4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Now this is actually strange because I live right next to a port that regularly offers ferry services to Amsterdam. It's so close to me I could do it in a day however for some reason I just haven't. I'd like to visit the Anne Frank museum and see the sights of Amsterdam. I haven't been to the Netherlands before either, and I know there is a culture in Amsterdam and to me it seems very carefree, so basically right up my street!

5. Fiji, Fiji
I think everyone wants to visit Fiji at some point in their lives, however for me it's more about being more comfortable in a hot, foreign environment and also I've heard a lot about swimming with dolphins which sounds awesome (I've done it with wild ones but you can't hug those ones :( ). I've never been the biggest fan of hot places but I do enjoy them as long as I'm not stuck laying on a beach for 2 weeks which is what usually happens, I'm definitely more of a get-out-and-go kind of person and not a lie-around-in-the-sun person. I don't know, Fiji sounds lovely, and I'd love to go.

So there it is, 5 places I would LOVE to visit before I'm 30. Hopefully I will get these opportunities, and I already wish it was February so I can get packing for Barcelona! Where do you want to visit? Let me know below :)

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