Brilliant Brighton

October 29, 2016

One of my favourite places that I have visited is Brighton. It's just such a lovely, welcoming and happy city located right next to the sea, you really do have the best of both worlds. I visited in February 2016 with my boyfriend for a weekend and it was honestly so much fun. I wanted to let others know who are going to Brighton or are planning a trip in the UK what the best things to do in Brighton are! Of course I am no local, and they're honestly the best people to ask when it comes to what the best attractions are. I was simply a tourist the same as any other, so just make sure you talk with a local to get the real ins and outs!

The main places we visited were the Brighton Pavilion, Sea life Aquarium, the Ferris wheel (which I'm not sure is there anymore, but I'll talk about it in a minute) and Brighton Marina.

1. Brighton Pavilion
We pre-booked the Brighton Pavilion and this was mainly because it is supposed to be the number one place to visit when you visit Brighton. I can't remember exactly but I'm fairly sure it had rained that day so it was perfect for soggy weather as it's indoors. We didn't know what to expect and we didn't ask for a radio-thing that tells you about what you're looking at but really there's enough signage to let you know what's going on. The Pavilion was really spectacular, and the Pavilion building itself is really something to look at. It looks very Indian in architecture. If I remember correctly it was built for an Indian Prince? I might be wrong. Anyway, on the tour around the palace you get to see all the magnificent rooms and information about how it was used as a 'hospital'. I don't think you are allowed to take photos in the Pavilion however. Overall we enjoyed the experience and it was definitely worth going!

2. Sea Life Aquarium
We were really excited for this one, we like these kind of places (ha). Honestly my main opinion was that it was a lot smaller than I expected. It was very interesting and there are interactive things to do like tunnels and touchy feely things. The building itself is something special and is worth looking at as well. I think our favourite part was the turtles in the arena kind of area and the tunnel. You could just sit there for ages. The only thing I'd say is don't overestimate how long you will spend here, also it really is more for younger kids. If it's just an older group don't expect to be there long as it mostly caters for children.

3. Brighton Wheel/i360
Now as I write this I wouldn't be able to tell you if the wheel is actually still there as I heard they were taking it down and it was being replaced with the i360. We didn't go on the i360 as it was still being built but I believe it is now open and it looks amazing. From the wheel we got amazing views and the commentary was great, it was really worth the money. We would like to go back on it at the evening, I can imagine the lights would be spectacular! I think the i360 is higher as well so you can see more from higher up! (But be careful if you suffer from vertigo)

4. Brighton Marina 
Honestly we weren't expecting to go here but apparently it's a shopping center and we didn't have too much better to do in the evening. We brought my boyfriend's car so travel for us was simple but if you don't have a car it might be more difficult to get to as it's quite far out. We went in the evening and it's really good for restaurants as there's a wide range of places to eat. As it was late we didn't get to see much of the shopping but it was very pretty from what we saw. The yachts/boats in the marina are great to admire. There's also a large ASDA if you like ASDA. We like ASDA. :)

These were the main places we visited however I'm sure there's so much more, let me know if you know anywhere else!

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