I Don't Wear Makeup

October 30, 2016

As a 19 year old female most of the population would have expected me to by now be fully thrown into the world of makeup. This was true for maybe a month or so of my life however in general I don't get up every morning and put a full face of makeup on. Occasionally if I'm in the mood I'll throw on some eye shadow and mascara but that's really as far as my skill-set goes.

When I was around the tween age of 12-14 I was a full on tomboy, and so it's likely I simply missed the 'stage' most people go through where they get interested in makeup and such. I'm not a tomboy anymore (far from it) and when I was around 16 I did try to get into it but I simply wasn't feeling it. I didn't like the idea of feeling worried to go out without makeup on, I didn't want to spend my money on it and I just didn't want to do it.

My mum and sister have spent a lot of time trying to get me into it, and sometimes they do pressure me enough and I will give in and let them put makeup on me but I really do feel like there isn't anything wrong with not wanting to wear makeup. I've been told numerous times to "be more like a girl", because apparently a girl not wanting to wear makeup somehow makes them less feminine? It's a shame. I'm writing this blog post very briefly because my thought for Sunday this week is why is it that it's sort of socially unaccepted for a girl not to wear makeup? The pressure from society has made me want to put it on sometimes even if my personality doesn't want to. It has made me feel unattractive, and as if I need to do something I don't like doing in order to look 'pretty'.

I am in no way shaming girls who do wear makeup, not at all. I often watch those little Instagram/Facebook makeup tutorials and think "wow!" and I'd love to do that but I don't actually enjoy doing it myself. I think it is a form of art, but in the same way I'm not a fine artist, I'm also not a makeup artist. For those who are, I'm honestly really damn impressed! You look gorgeous.

My main wish is that everyone should be able to do what they like to their own face and not be made to feel inadequate or wrong for their choices. I'm 19 now and I don't wear makeup.

And that's okay. :)


  1. I loooved this post. I absolutely relate here. Although I do wear makeup, I certainly don't rely on it and when I do wear it a full face to me isn't someone else's full face. I often feel the pressure to wear MORE than I'm comfortable wearing and I think it's a shame really but there's also a pressure not to wear any at all so I think it's just finding what you feel comfortable in and ignoring the noise. You should never feel bad or out of place for not wearing any. It's just a personal preference. You do you girl!


    1. I'm so glad you relate to this! Hopefully one day we can all do whatever the heck we want with our faces and feel comfortable no matter what! :)


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