Happy Mind, Happy Life

November 01, 2016

I always try and be optimistic. I know you can't be optimistic 100% of the time and it is by all means okay to allow yourself to feel down sometimes, no one can be happy 24/7! However personally, my view on my life is that it's best when I try and find the good in something rather than the bad.

Over the last couple of days I've generally just been having a particularly rubbish time. You know those weeks where everything seems to just go wrong and nothing is right and you feel like hiding away in bed? I'm having one of those weeks. On Sunday I had a customer be very rude to me when I was on the checkout at work, 2 people accused me of giving them the wrong change (I hadn't, it had to all be checked but I must look dodgy or something). I was looking forward to spending Wednesday afternoon and Thursday with my boyfriend as he works so much, to be told he's working Thursday and he's going to be busy Wednesday afternoon. I've had a couple of personal issues which has lead to me being worried/anxious basically all the time since, and yesterday college ran over so much I missed not only the train I usually get but the one after that and there's only one train to my town every hour - plus I had somewhere to be, it's just not been particularly fabulous.

Through all this I have of course had the "really? For goodness sake" thought run through my mind more than once, however I always try and stop myself getting too upset and try and think of something good from the situation. For example, when the customer was rude to me about the change, I remembered this was teaching me how to deal with these customers and I had a good answer for future interviews of dealing with issues with customers, I followed the procedure correctly and it was fine. When told my boyfriend was going to be busy, I decided to try and get myself to do something alone that I don't usually do (such as go out by myself) and I have the opportunity to do that. I've been planning for my personal issue so that I won't be so anxious about it, and finally with the train I thought that at least I get a lift home rather than having to take the train (I ended up calling someone to pick me up) and a car is a whole lot nicer than hopping on and off trains!

It's very easy to want to curl up and cry in the corner, and sometimes this is what I end up doing. I used to be very lonely and unhappy when I was younger and I was always looking at the bad side of things. I have since found out that even if it's a bad situation, there's always something good coming out of it. I try and encourage others to think the same way, but I don't ever push it on them. I believe everyone will find out their own way to be happy because we're all different and the same method simply doesn't apply to everyone, and that's okay. I'm optimistic for my future and I always tell myself "It will be okay" because the reality is, in 10 years time (or even 1 year) it's unlikely the issue will be relevant as much, if at all. I seriously disliked college and ended up skipping a lot of it, and whenever I did I had a bout of guilt and worry about what I was doing (by the way, don't skip school - I got terrible grades) I used to help myself by saying "will I care in 5 years? nope" (again, don't skip school. Whilst my sixth form attendance won't be used in university applications, my current course attendance will - attendance is still very important!). What I'm trying to say is just try and reassure yourself that whatever it is is not the end of the world. It does seriously help!

And always remember, happy mind = happy life! :)

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