Colchester Primark Opening

February 09, 2017

Today I set my alarm for 9am and woke up ready for the big day. I have honestly been waiting for this moment for about 7 years, I remember being in year 7 and everyone always wondered why Ipswich and Chelmsford had a Primark and we didn't. Colchester has for a long time had a Primark shaped hole in its town center, but today on the 9th February 2017, the former BHS store finally opened it's doors as a brand new Primark store, and I was so ready.

I dragged my boyfriend out of bed (he said he wanted to come) and we trekked into town at 9:30am ready for the opening at 10am. When we got there we weren't surprised to find a massive queue around the Lion Walk Shopping Center and we were handed a shopping bag ready for when we went in.

As we walked through the doors we were greeted by rows of the new staff clapping and handing out balloons, it was such a great atmosphere! The new shop was really impressive, much larger than we had thought it would be. It felt somewhat strange as our usual local Primark's were in Chelmsford and Ipswich, and it was weird to think I was still only a 10 minute walk away from home! I decided to head to the home section upstairs first as I figured downstairs would be particularly busy as people first came in. I was right and it was nice to look at my favourite department of the store before it got too busy. I LOVE Primark Home, it's so cute and affordable. I can't justify spending upwards of £30 in bedding in Debenhams but an £11 cute pink duvet from Primark - well, okay! After checking the home section out we looked around the rest of the top floor which has the Mens, Childrens and Lingerie departments.

We then headed downstairs which has the majority of women's clothes and other departments such as shoes, accessories and sportswear. I am off to Barcelona next week so I was looking for some new bits for my holiday and I found a lovely khaki green shirt and a black sheer blouse (I'll show them after my holiday as they're currently packed!). I also picked up some black socks and a little pink purse for my travel money as I have a Ted Baker purse and the thought of a pickpocket nicking it doesn't sound too appealing! It's just the right size for a bumbag so I thought why not, and for £3 I couldn't say no! I also keep eyeing up a cute holographic makeup bag that says "I'm a unicorn" on it but I decided to keep my money and buy it another time.

 After we had wondered around the whole shop for an hour or so, we decided to head to the tills. As everyone knows, queues in Primark tend to be a little long, so as it was opening day I braced myself for the worst. There were members of staff holding "Queue ends here" signs so it was simple to find the end of the queue. Once in the queue there were staff members walking down the queue offering sweets and bottles of water which we accepted. It didn't actually take too long for us to reach the tills, only around 10-15 minutes. We decided to opt for the "I love Primark" tote bags which I think are super cute and were only 50p. The photo below shows what we saw on the way back down the escalator, it was SO BUSY.

After a long morning dodging people and saying "Excuse Me" 4875973 times, we decided to finish our morning by heading to Debenhams for some breakfast. After this we headed home to look at our purchases and spent the rest of the day chilling at home. It was a good day :)

Overall, the Colchester Primark is a huge success in my eyes. I look forward to popping in after college. Usually I end up going to Lakeside as they have a huge Primark and Chelmsford and Ipswich never have enough, but I think Colchester is gonna do just fine! If you're ever in Colchester be sure to check it out!

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