My Morning Essentials

April 13, 2017

I say essentials however personally I am the biggest fail when it comes to looking after myself in the morning. I tend to wake up and lay in bed for as long as I possibly can before getting up and rushing to get out of the door in the small amount of time I've managed to leave myself, and honestly doing things this way is just not ideal. However on the mornings that I don't need to be anywhere, I like to take that little bit of extra time to make myself feel ready for the day (and I'm working on doing this on the other days too!)

The first thing I use in the morning is my deodorant, I use the Sure Maximum Protection deodorant and this is my lifesaver. I discovered on my first day at work nearly a year ago that my Mitchum roll-on simply wasn't going to cut it out (it was fine for everyday, but running around a store in summer and putting away stock was a bit more than going to college and sitting at a desk for most days). I prefer to use roll-on deodorants over sprays simply because I hate the feel of the spray and the cold of it and in general I just don't like it. Also this deodorant isn't necessarily a roll on, it's kind of strange. You twist the bottom and the product comes out the top, not like a roller-ball. I don't know what they're called! Anyway, so I bought this one because it said "maximum protection". It is honestly amazing, I used it for my second day at work and it worked perfectly. It is a little bit pricier than most deodorants but well worth the money at about £5 each. If you're doing anything that requires a lot of movement or if you're in a warm environment where you worry about being a bit sweaty, this is the best deodorant for the job. (Apologies for the gross photo, I realise it's not the best haha)


After that I usually get dressed and brush my hair, if I have straightened my hair I like to go over it in the morning to get rid of any kinks in my hair and get it silky straight again. I use the Remington S8500. I wouldn't say it is the best straightener ever, and I used to have GHD's which I recommend way more but I needed new ones and these were only about £30 and they do the job. With these I also use my Tresemme Keratin Smooth heat protection spray. I also use the accompanying shampoo and conditioner in the shower and together these three work so well to keep my hair straight.

Onto perfume and fragrance, I used to absolutely (well, I still do) love ChloĆ©. However as I am 19 and have moved out with bills to pay, I simply can't afford to buy it. So I decided to find a cheaper alternative. I found the Blush perfume in New Look and I absolutely love it. I have had compliments on it when at work and an average sized bottle cost me only about £8. It stays on all day and it smells lovely. New Look have a range of different scents so if you're looking for a good cheap alternative to designer perfumes then I really do recommend heading down there and having a browse!


Next, I simply run over my face with a wipe from Primark. I don't get heavily into skincare products or a skincare routine but I like to clean my face with a face wipe to feel fresh for the day. I would like to put more effort into skincare, so look out on this blog for any updates in that area! As you may know from my previous post, I don't wear makeup on a regular basis. However as I mentioned, I sometimes like to put some mascara on. I like to use the Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara, for me it does the job and I would recommend it for those starting out in makeup like me.

That is all for my morning essentials! I have not been asked to promote any of the products in this post and all opinions are my own. Be sure to let me know which products are your essentials! And if you have anything you use in your skincare routine that would be good for someone like me who would like to create one then be sure to let me know!

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