Why You Need an iPhone 7 Plus

April 14, 2017

Recently I did a stupid and dropped my phone in the toilet. I always wondered how people managed to do that, and so I found out (not to be repeated). My poor iPhone 6S slowly died over the days since and I learned that funnily enough, iPhones don't swim.
Luckily that iPhone wasn't on a contract so I didn't HAVE to pay the £300 repair bill that Apple tried to charge me and I didn't feel it was worth it paying that much to repair the phone. I instead decided that it was a sign from the iPhone Gods to upgrade and get the newest model.

Of course at the moment the most up to date iPhone is the iPhone 7+ and I decided this was the one I was going to get. I opted for a silver phone over the rose gold I had before simply because I wanted to mix it up a bit and I like the 'cleanliness' that the silver colour gives, and it matches more phone cases than the pink of a rose gold phone - priorities guys. I was slightly gutted to downgrade in storage space, I could only afford a 32GB one over a 64GB phone which is what my dead 6S was, and when I had that phone (for about a year) I NEVER got the 'storage is full' notification. If you're getting a new phone and can afford higher storage I always recommend it, there's nothing more annoying than having to choose which app to sacrifice in return for more precious selfie-storage.

Before buying it, I personally wasn't too excited about the size of the 7+ over the 7. My boyfriend has a 6+ and I've always thought it was bulky and too big for someone like me with small hands, but the main reason (I'll get more into this) that I got the 7+ was because of the camera so that's why I chose the bigger phone. Since having it (about a week and a half) I have gotten so used to it that when I picked up dead-iphone it felt tiny and too small. Isn't it weird how you get used to things? An iPhone 4 seems minuscule nowadays. If you're worried about the size, don't be. It feels normal really quickly.

Another thing about the iPhone 7 (both models) is they very noticeably lack a headphone jack. Now, when I first heard of this change when they released the 7, I was super negative about it and declared to switch to Google Pixel and boycott any new iPhones. I actually forgot about the whole thing until after I bought the phone. Now having used it for a while, I can honestly say that it isn't that much of a big deal. They provide an adapter for your normal earphones in the box and give you a pair of earpods with the right plug-bit at the bottom and it hasn't affected me at all. I can only imagine it would be frustrating when you don't have the adapter on you and no correct earpods and some normal earphones. I keep the adapter in the car on the aux cable so we can still play music and it works great, and I carry the supplied earpods with me so I haven't had any troubles. Again, if you're worried about this lack of a headphone jack, don't be. Also a replacement adapter is only like £9 so it's not the end of the world if you do lose yours.

Finally, I come on to the main reason I bought the 7+ over the 7, and why you should get it too. The camera on a 7+ is INCREDIBLE. You wouldn't believe that some of the photos taken from it were taken from a smartphone and not from a DSLR camera. Also you may have heard of Portrait Mode, you can't get this on a normal 7, but it's amazing. I'll insert some photos below to show you how good it is.

This is my dog, Dennis. He's a great model for this. As you can see, Portrait Mode blurs out the background and leaves the subject crisp and clear and it looks so good and so professional. It is still in beta mode I believe and so it can mess up and blur parts of the subject but for the most part it works great as you can see. It definitely works A LOT better outside than inside, or at least with a lot of natural light. I'll insert a photo below from inside, as you can see it still works and does the job very well, however it is more pixelated than a photo taken outside.

I think this camera will be great, especially for blog photos! I have not been asked to promote this phone and all opinions are my own. If you're looking for a new iPhone and photography is important to you, I highly recommend the iPhone 7+ over a normal 7. It is entirely worth the extra money as you're essentially getting a professional camera with it! I hope you liked this post and I'd LOVE to see some photos taken from your iPhone 7+ and what you think of it! (I'm gonna insert some funny photos of my other dog, Daphne, who isn't quite so photogenic!)

I hope you liked meeting Daphne and Dennis too! I might do a blog post on them next (:

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