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October 25, 2017

I think the one thing that makes Pandora bracelets so special is that everyone's bracelet is completely unique to them. If you ask someone who's wearing one, I'm sure they'd be able to tell you about each and every charm and why it's on their bracelet. I find a Pandora charm is the perfect gift to give to someone for any occasion, and they will cherish it and remember when they got it, and this can be something hard to achieve through gifts.

I bought myself and my sister and bracelet each a few months ago now when they were doing a 'free bracelet for every £145 spent' deal, which I thought was a good time to buy my sisters 18th birthday gift. I bought myself the Rose Gold bangle, and she has the Rose Gold snake (not solid) bracelet, and I bought each of us a charm. I got the rose gold linked hearts, and she has the silver linked hearts, and it was a special present that almost keeps us connected even though we do not live together any more.

Since then, I seem to have collected a few more charms and I wanted to share my own Pandora story with you and the meaning behind each of my charms, and which ones I'm wanting to get next! (All the bold titles are links if you want to find them!)

Rose Gold Linked Hearts Charm
I bought this one for myself when I bought the bracelet, and as I mentioned I also bought the silver one for my sister. This makes it so much more special as we both have matching ones and it was the one I bought for her 18th birthday. It's such a pretty charm and I'm definitely going to look at getting some more from the rose gold collection!

Sister Heart Charm
My sister got me this one for my 20th birthday a couple of weeks ago and it's lovely, it is a heart shaped charm with a purple gemstone that reads sister on it, it looks beautiful on my bracelet and I'll always remember her getting me it for my 20th birthday.

Dog Charm
My auntie got me this one. My whole life I have loved dogs, more than the average person (lol), it's kinda one of the things I'm known for so it was only fitting to have a doggy charm on my bracelet as it is definitely something to do with me. It also reminds me of my two doggies at home, and my childhood best friend, Hector, who is no longer with us. It makes this charm very special to me as it is very close to my heart.

(Another) Sister Heart Charm
When I was looking for which charms to get in the £145 deal, I was initially going to get this one as it actually comes in a pair, kind of like those necklaces that join together to make one. Unfortunately at the time I couldn't afford it, but my sister and I were lucky to end up being given one of each half for our birthdays (they're quite close together) so now we have the two matching ones. My bracelet is starting to look like a sister charm bracelet haha.

Minnie Mouse Charm
When Pandora announced that they were doing a collaboration with Disney, I knew already that I was going to end up with Disney charms! I love Disney, and Minnie is one of my favourite characters so I couldn't help but buy myself this one as a treat! It's super cute and reminds me to have fun in life! 

I'm definitely looking to get more Pandora charms and fill up my bracelet full of memories and reminders so that it truly is special to me. Some of the ones I'm lusting after are

Filled With Romance Rose Gold Charm
This charm looks so dreamy, it looks like it's fit for a princess to be honest. I think it would look so lovely next to my other charms and add a bit more of the rose gold flair to my bracelet! As it's called the "Filled With Romance" charm though, I might need to hint at the boyfriend!

Curious Cat Charm
As I have the dog charm as a symbol of my love of dogs, I can't forget my kitties too! I will always be a dog person at heart, but since getting my two furbabies I have fallen for cats as well! I'd love the cat charm so I can be reminded of all my furry friends!

Mickey All Round Spacer Charm
This charm is so cute I can't even cope! I don't have any spacer charms but this one looks so dainty and pretty that I'd love to have it on my bracelet!

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What charms do you have and which ones would you like? Do you have any charms that are really special to you? I'd love to know!

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