The Perfect Rainy Autumn Day

October 18, 2017

Rain is one of my favourite types of weather, well when I'm not standing in it at least! My idea of a perfect lazy day is snuggled under a duvet on the sofa, binge watching a good tv show with some snacks, my laptop and my cats.
I was hoping to take some better blog photos today, but clearly the sun isn't agreeing with me so I thought why not tell you about my perfect rainy Autumn day!

On a lazy day, I usually treat myself to a long lie in to make up for all the early starts throughout the rest of the week, but I'm usually up and dressed by at least 11am. I spend most of my time on my phone in bed, scrolling through social media, but who doesn't? Once I feel awake enough to get up, I usually get dressed and do my hair and make the bed. I find that making the bed makes the whole bedroom look a lot tidier and I feel more motivated for the day.

Now that I'm trying my hardest with my blog, I am currently spending a lot of time thinking about posts and photos for them. So on my days off I'll spend a bit of time trying to take some photos ready for some new blog posts. This can take a while and requires a lo of trial and error, but I get there eventually!

I love tv, I am a sucker for those guilty pleasure shows. Some of my favourites include Geordie Shore, Are You The One?, Ex on the Beach and most of MTV. I'm working on getting a smart tv so I can get Netflix on there (I only have it on my laptop at the moment) and watch some more series. I was heartbroken when Pretty Little Liars ended but currently I'm watching Riverdale which is so good at the moment! When I want show to watch in the background whilst I do something else (like write a blog post!) I'll usually stick something like Gogglebox or Can't Pay We'll Take It Away on. I might do a post on some of my favourite shows soon!

These times on the sofa are always spent snuggling with my kitties of course! I don't usually do much else apart from watch tv and go on the internet on my rainy days. It's nice being able to do nothing without feeling guilty sometimes! The rain outside makes it a whole lot nicer too, knowing you're all snug and warm inside! What do you do on your rainy days? I'd love to start up a new hobby (aside from my blog!) to do when I'm inside all day!

Here's Casper modelling his "This is me on the sofa" pose!

I apologise if the photos for this post aren't that great! The sun was hiding but I wanted to post anyway as it's going to rain all week apparently. Hopefully the next ones will be better!


  1. Such a cute post - I really want to have a lazy day so badly.

    1. Thank you! Clear a space in your diary and go crazy, treat yourself :D

  2. I know I'm so sad that PLL has finished as well, I actually liked the ending of it though. Riverdale isn't my fav show but it's not a bad substitute for PLL when I'm really missing it.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I didn’t dislike the ending, I just wish we got to know more about the new character! I love Riverdale 😁


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