Lee Stafford Coco Loco Range - Blow and Go and Hair Oil

November 07, 2017

I have been looking at trying some of Lee Stafford's Coco Loco range for a long time now, and by long I literally mean years. I have always been a Tresemme girl, I worship their keratin smooth range as it does wonders for my curly, frizzy hair. However I've been wanting to try something new so I picked up a couple of bits and gave them a whirl.

The first think I picked up was the Blow and Go lotion. Whilst my hair has it's own volume, I thought I would see how this might help the condition of my hair, especially with the amount of heat it has to endure. To apply this, you simply run it through wet hair and blow dry, it's as simple as that! I found it really did make my hair feel silkier and smoother in it's natural curly state, usually I have to straighten it to make it feel any kind of smooth! Plus, the coconut smell is amazing, and partly the reason I wanted to try this so much! Overall I will definitely be using this product again, the amount of volume it added to my hair was just right for me, as too much would have been just crazy!

The second product I picked up was the Coco Loco Hair Oil. I got this mostly to help with the scent of my hair. I find that because I use so much heat on it, and straighten it so often, my hair can often lose any kind of scent from shampoo or conditioner and it ends up just smelling slightly burnt. Do you get what I'm trying to say here? It's not the best smell and I wanted something to help my hair smell better as well as make it healthier. So I got this. It can be used on wet or dry hair, I have used it on both to test them but again, I find my straighteners burn away any scents so I prefer to use it on dry hair in the morning. My hair has since been in so much better condition, and whilst it is an oil I find it doesn't make my hair look greasy as I have had trouble with hair oils in the past (as long as you don't use too much!). If you use the right amount, it makes your hair look healthier and shinier, and of course it smells amazing as does the entire Coco Loco range!

Overall both of these products I've tried have been amazing and I would definitely recommend them. I did buy one more product from Lee Stafford however that's for another post! I got these in Boots, and they were 3 for 2 so head over there to pick these up!

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